We are honored for being recommended by eminent international organizations as a top-tier law firm in the area of Intellectual Property Law for many consecutive years. This is a great motivation for all of us at Kenaroglu Avukatlık Bürosu to work even harder and to reach even higher.

"Kenaroğlu consistently delivers top-notch results while remaining budget friendly." "Its practitioners are renowned for their attentiveness, commitment to providing transparent advice and customised solutions." "With a wealth of experience and a steadfast dedication to staying up to date with current case law and trends, the practice instils confidence in clients at every step." Founding partner Yasemin Kenaroğlu spearheads the department: "Yasemin is appreciated for her effective strategies and profound understanding of patent law. With great foresight and a proactive approach, she anticipates and handles possible counter-party initiatives in advance." Managing associate Gökçe Dağdaş "demonstrates remarkable agility, providing stellar strategic recommendations to protect and enforce patents. With confidence and precision she offers top-tier guidance in navigating complex legal matters." IAM 1000 / 2024

"The team's knowledge of the IP field and its proven experience make it really easy for the client to make informed decisions." "The team suggests solutions to legal problems and unexpected situations." CHAMBERS AND PARTNERS / 2024

"Remarkable attention to detail, deep commitment to clients, and results-oriented and tailor-made advice" are the key strengths of Kenaroğlu Avukatlik Bürosu. "The outfit is home to the best and most reliable practitioners in anti-counterfeiting work. We appreciate them for their problem-solving and communication skills, and its practitioners are fluent in translating complex legal concepts into clear advice." All practitioners at the outfit receive stellar feedback: "Yasemin Kenaroğlu is absolutely excellent at what she does. She should be everyone's go-to for all brand management work in Turkey. She has useful insight into all the peculiarities of the trademark process, to ensure effective registration." Heading up the firm's enforcement department, "Ali Bozoğlu is an excellent adviser – calm, precise and profoundly knowledgeable." "Ali deals with criminal matters very smoothly, which can prove difficult in the Turkish market. He builds the best strategy for clientele by taking into account their business risks, commercial choices and legal risks." Tenacious litigator Umut Çağdaş Tahiroğulları boasts "great experience in the field of intellectual property and demonstrates talent in handling work professionally at every stage". "He is a fantastic lawyer with great attention to detail and customer service." "Mine Güner not only has extensive knowledge and experience in the field but is great at communicating business strategies to patrons. She skilfully blends her understanding of their needs with legal arguments and law. Furthermore, she is very attentive yet avoids unnecessary meetings and time, providing the client just the right amount of care." WTR 1000 newcomer Gökçe Dağdaş "has demonstrated immense talent and professionalism when handling complex cases". WTR 1000 / 2024

"Going from strength to strength, Kenaroğlu Avukatlik Burosu has become a go-to for all IP matters. Diligent and attentive, the firm has up-to-the-minute knowledge of patent legislation and can foresee possible counter-party initiatives. Its practitioners are heavily committed to their clients' vision and business needs." Group founder Yasemin Kenaroğlu provides "reliable legal advice with a responsive and detail-oriented approach. She has established herself as an inspirational figure in the Turkish market by leveraging her vast experience and drive for easy collaboration", and is often sought out by leading domestic and foreign patrons. Making her debut in the IAM Patent 1000 this year is Gökçe Dağdaş. "Teaming up with Gökçe opens the doors for successful relationships, thanks to her wealth of experience in IP infringement cases." Clientele from a range of industries benefit from her guidance – supporting on trademark, domain names and unfair competition issues as well. IAM 1000 / 2023

"Very experienced, especially in working for international clients, fully dedicated and always up to date. With its big team, led by Yasemin Kenaroglu, it is a top address in Turkey.' ‘Yasemin Kenaroglu is a high profile TM expert, very responsive and experienced; excellent in litigation and enforcement." "Ali Bozoğlu is very good in enforcement and customs matters." "Very responsive and succinct whilst very hands-on advice." "High degree of professionality, responsiveness, transparency and experience." "Yasemin Kenaroglu is certainly the most reliable attorney I ever worked with in Turkey. The quality of her work is excellent. She is very efficient but still pays attention to details. She is an adroit negotiator who manage to achieve a good result under the most difficult conditions. She knows the ins and outs of the Turkish legal system." "The team is very precise, attentive and punctual. The firm cooperates well with authorities on site to perform operations when necessary, is reliable and provides service at a high value for money." "Yasemin Kenaroglu, Ali Bozoğlu and their team are polite, helpful in providing information and clarification when needed and attentive to meeting their client's needs." LEGAL 500 / 2023

"Kenaroğlu Avukatlik Bürosu is a noteworthy firm which takes a business-oriented approach, with a focus on providing a high-quality work product. Its team of excellent, highly responsive attorneys are trusted to deliver successful results." At the forefront is Yasemin Kenaroğlu: an incredibly talented and hardworking practitioner who is proactive and an inspiration to the IP community. She is as smart as a tack and maintains close relationships with her clients to fully protect their interests. Yasemin's work is truly outstanding in all respects – she takes a hands-on approach to negotiations and provides clear, practical, succinct and solutions-oriented advice, with very quick turn-around times." "Heading up the "eye-catching enforcement department, which provides a second to none service", is litigation ace Ali Bozoğlu, who regularly teams up with Kenaroğlu to keep infringers at bay. "Ali and Yasemin go above and beyond for their clients and are always available when needed. Ali is the best attorney in IP enforcement; he is absolutely brilliant at handling customs authorities." WTR 1000 newcomer Umut Çağdaş Tahiroğulları also excels in the enforcement arena, he is well versed in representing patrons in market investigations and criminal cases before the IP courts and Courts of Appeal. Recently joining this elite ensemble is Mine Güner Sunay, "a leader in IP and an exceptional lawyer who has a commercial mindset and demonstrates high-level expertise, phenomenal communication skills, inventive strategies, and alternative solutions to meet clients' needs. No matter how complex the matter, Mine has a talent for identifying the key issues. Worthy of a special mention for her work before the Civil IP Courts of First Instance and Court of Appeals is Gökçe Dağdaş. WTR 1000 / 2023

"Professionalism, precision and reliability characterise the service at Kenaroğlu Avukatlık Bürosu. The responsiveness is outstanding, and the advice is always clear as well as precise. In short, the work produced is consistently to the highest possible standard." Epitomising all these traits and more is Yasemin Kenaroğlu, who keeps calm and collected in even the most complex disputes. The firm founder never gives less than 100% and receives effusive praise from peers, patrons and associates the world over. "Litigation is certainly her strong suit", enthuses one interviewee. "In order to successfully assert your rights in Turkey, you need an experienced lawyer that is not afraid to act – Yasemin is that lawyer. Put simply, she is one of the best attorneys in thecountry." IAM 1000 / 2022

"Kenaroglu Avukatlik Burosu is the specialist IP counsel to a host of local and international companies across a wide spectrum of sectors, managing portfolios and enforcing and defending trade marks, patents and copyright. Yasemin Kenaroglu, described by clients as ‘a strong ally when fighting trade mark battles in Turkey', co-leads the practice with Ali Bozoğlu, who joined in January 2021. Highly recommended senior associate Gökçe Dağdaş is ‘always on point with her legal advice'." LEGAL 500 / 2022

"By all accounts, Kenaroğlu Avukatlik Burosu is "a joy to work with": "Its reporting skills, honest billing and exceptional work quality are remarkable; and it is by far one of the most efficient and organised firms in the region." Abundant IP knowledge, a personalised approach and bespoke counsel are hallmarks of its service. The dynamic outfit signed on numerous prominent new clients in 2021 and continues to go from strength to strength, with its practitioners working in harmony to maintain and exceed the most exacting standards. This collaborative ethos was instilled by founding partner Yasemin Kenaroğlu and has been further reinforced by new recruit Ali Bozoğlu, who came on board to head up the enforcement division. "A trusted adviser, excellent litigator and a source of inspiration to all", Kenaroğlu is "smart as a tack. She builds close relationships with clients, understands their needs and then finds a solution that fits perfectly. She has an amazing, positive attitude and is wonderful to collaborate with". "Ali has become one of our most valued colleagues, thanks to his dedication and willingness to get the job done," reports one associate. "He is pragmatic, focused and great at solving complexproblems."  WTR 1000 / 2022

"Specialist firm Kenaroglu Avukatlik Burosu acts for global major brands and companies on advisory and contentious intellectual property matters. The team, led by experienced IP specialist Yasemin Kenaroglu, manages trade mark portfolios, assists with patent and trade mark registration, represents in litigation, and handles disputes relating to enforcement and unfair competition." LEGAL 500 / 2021

"Whether in prosecution or enforcement, Kenaroğlu Avukatlik Burosu "excels across the board. It has proven its reliability time and time again, and consistently delivers excellent legal advice in a quick turnaround". "It takes the country's developments into consideration and its services are always spot on. Overall, it can be summarised in one statement – a success story." "An inspiration to others around her", founder Yasemin Kenaroğlu continuously finds new ways to innovate and go the extra mile for clients: "A go-to for trademark instructions, Yasemin is a fantastic and intelligent attorney with a friendly and clear communication style. She demonstrates her thorough legal knowledge by providing alternative solutions to complex problems and by being proactive and resolute in negotiations as well as conflict management. Her personalised approach and in-depth understanding of each case make her stand out in the fast-paced world of intellectual property." WTR 1000 / 2021

"Kenaroglu Avukatlik Burosu's key work streams include portfolio management, trade mark registrations, civil litigation, prosecutions and enforcement. The broad expertise of its team is illustrated by its work for companies in the electronics, IT, media, fashion, automotive, cosmetics and retail sectors. Group head Yasemin Kenaroglu is experienced in investigations, and trade mark and patent infringement cases." LEGAL 500 / 2020

"Kenaroğlu Avukatlik Burosu excels in both prosecution and enforcement." One client comments, "we have never worked with a firm that is as responsive or a firm that provides such clear and detailed advice". Praise continues to flow in from more associates: "Kenaroğlu is highly recommended for complex instructions – the success rate is great." "The practitioners are highly cooperative. They see a case for what it is and are great at getting amicable settlements." The past year has seen the outfit sign on new clients from the fashion industry as its anti-counterfeiting offering continues to grow. "Yasemin Kenaroğlu is the first choice for trademark counsel in Turkey. She is proactive and provides effective ideas and strategies to achieve an optimum solution. Yasemin is customer oriented and is always ready to go the distance." WTR 1000 / 2020

"The professionalism, responsiveness and precision of the work conducted by Kenaroğlu Avukatlik Burosu always impress. It is the go-to firm in Turkey when your most valuable assets are at stake." Founder and versatile practitioner Yasemin Kenaroğlu consistently showcases these traits on even the most daunting of mandates. "Heated disputes are one of her strong suits - she is highly experienced and remains calm when the going gets tough. Her advice is clear and timely, and the service she provides is of the highest possible standard." IAM 1000 / 2020

"If you need to aggressively defend or assert your IP rights in Turkey, Kenaroğlu is the go-to firm. It sets the bar for professional care and quality of work." Yasemin Kenaroğlu, the founding partner, stands out as an "extremely responsive and skilled lawyer who provides clear and concise advice at all times. She is extremely reliable and precise and handles all requests with the utmost professionalism." Kenaroğlu is in hot demand for representation in complex patent infringement actions and for her negotiation nous, but she is an eminently versatile operator with abundant prosecution and IP strategy expertise."  IAM 1000 / 2019

"Impressive across the board", nifty IP boutique Kenaroğlu Avukatlık Bürosu is single minded in its pursuit of excellence but never fails to offer a personal touch. It enforces marks with poise and faces counterfeiters head on, all while keeping a watchful eye over large-scale portfolios. "Its communication is clear and detailed and it is one of the most responsive firms out there." Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the compact outfit continues to build on its impressive roster of clients and represents some of the most highly esteemed players in the fashion industry. Yasemin Kenaroğlu leaves foreign associates "in awe of her trademark savvy, she is a fantastic and intelligent IP lawyer with a super-friendly approach." The firm founder also shares her wisdom on the non-contentious front and puts in place cast-iron protection schemes." WTR 1000 / 2018

"Kenaroğlu Intellectual Property is an outstanding, well-respected firm offering 360-degree protection and privileged client-service. Among the best in Turkey for litigation, it delivers eximious service at both the local and international levels. In any given instruction, the extraordinary outfit devotes extensive time and effort to securing victory." "Ingraining the importance of rights protection in the team's approach, Yasemin Kenaroğlu is an incredible lawyer. She considers every approach, exhibiting a wisdom that belies her years." Peers single her out for "her immediate responsiveness and prompt assistance, whatever time of day you contact her". A favourite among foreign associates, Kenaroğlu skilfully handles a significant volume of work for German operations which appreciate her reliability, precision and professionalism." IAM 1000 / 2018

"Kenaroglu Intellectual Property is particularly active in trademark prosecution, enforcement and litigation, and is recommended for its ability to ‘navigate complex disputes and infringements successfully'. The team is led by Yasemin Kenaroğlu, who is experienced in anti-counterfeiting and oppositions to trade mark applications." LEGAL 500 / 2018

"Dynamic prosecution and enforcement ensemble Kenaroğlu Intellectual Property is "truly great".  Proving the adage that success breeds success, its inimitable track record continues to draw in top-tier clients. It has lately been busy launching oppositions against scores of applications for a large European retailer and vigorously defending the interests of patrons overseas. The driving force behind  the firm's increasing dominance of the market is the amiable Yasemin Kenaroğlu. An ambitious and pioneering advocate, she is "really determined to flourish in the profession; it would be impossible to  find anyone who wasn't supremely impressed with what she has achieved so far". WTR 1000 / 2016