We provide all kinds of investigation services on trademark matters via our internal investigation department consisting of investigators experienced mainly in fashion, automotive, spirits, food and pharma industries.

Conducting market investigations with our internal investigators who are directed and managed by our attorneys at law also managing the subsequent legal proceedings in the related dispute, enables us to handle the whole process in the most efficient way.

We conduct target oriented investigations as well as periodic and regional, large-scale investigations for determining the potential targets depending on the needs of our clients. With our periodic investigations, our clients are having the chance to be aware of the developments in the market and the current conditions of the infringers, which enables them to take actions in a timely manner.

The following are among the main investigation types we conduct in the field of brand protection:

  • Investigations to determine former and on-going use on a registered trademark,
  • Investigations against specific targets producing, wholesaling, retailing, importing, exporting or storing counterfeits,
  • Investigations to identify possible trademark violations,
  • Target oriented or periodic investigations to detect violations of trademark rights.