Industrial Designs


We provide non-contentious services to our clients in scope of full protection of design rights, including mainly the following work;

  • Legal opinions: We provide comprehensive legal opinion to our clients and right holders willing to consult our impartial legal advice on pending or potential IP disputes.
  • Contracts: We provide legal assistance to our clients in preparation, negotiation, revision and execution of contracts.  Our assistance covers drafting and negotiating international contracts with our experience in cross-border cases.
  • Design Licensing: We assist our clients through structuring, drafting and negotiating license and sub-license agreements and recordal of the same to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office's registry.  
  • Settlement: We believe that our main duty is granting our clients the best possible solution in the fastest and most cost effective way and whenever there is a chance to resolve a dispute amicably, we always try to achieve it. Our services in this scope include handling all stages of settlement negotiations and preparing and revising contracts or any other related legal documents.
  • Consultancy in International Disputes: We provide consultancy services to our clients and manage all phases of legal and administrative proceedings in legal disputes in foreign jurisdictions through our local partners in the related territories.
  • Trainings: We organize trainings for local and international companies on intellectual and industrial property law and national/international registration systems.