Prosecution is among our main practice areas and provided by our trademark attorneys, all qualified with a legal degree in the field. The prosecution services we provide before Turkish Patent and Trademark Institute includes;

  • Monitoring of Trademark Bulletins published by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office
  • Conducting full availability and clearance searches and building trademark strategies accordingly
  • Drafting and filing applications
  • Oppositions against third parties' applications
  • Appeals or responses to the office actions
  • Responding third parties' oppositions
  • Filing well-known trademark applications
  • Handling renewals, recordal of assignments, mergers and acquisitions and changes in business type, trade name or address of the right holders

Along with the services we provide our clients before Turkish Trademark and Patent Office, we also manage large-scaled trademark portfolios of local and international companies before WIPO, EUIPO and other local trademark offices in foreign countries through our local partners in the related jurisdictions - with a focus on Middle East and North African countries.  Our international prosecution services in this scope includes:

  • Monitoring of clients' trademarks before foreign trademark offices
  • Drafting and filing international applications
  • Handling trademark renewals, assignments and any other administrative proceedings
  • Filing Oppositions against third parties' applications
  • Filing appeals or responses to the office actions before the foreign trademark offices
  • Sending C&D letters to the third parties for protection of the clients' IP rights